Ambassador KV Rajan

Hon President of IEP Italy 

Author and Editor of the internationally best-selling and acclaimed book: The Ambassador’s Club.

International Cooperation in Higher Education Aiming at New Horizons for a Better Sustainable World

We live in a world driven by increasing uncertainty. There are unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities before us. Clearly, global cooperation in education, adoption of best practices across borders and innovative approaches will be an urgent necessity so that students of today are skilled and empowered in every academic professional discipline in order that they may become lifelong learners and contribute meaningfully to a better world of tomorrow even as they achieve successful employable careers for themselves.

In this context, the partnership of the esteemed CIRPS with its consortium of Italian high-ranking Universities supported by IEP Italy, is a timely initiative which holds great promise for the future.

As a former diplomat who has dealt with a myriad of countries and international organisations for many years in different capacities, I have strongly come to believe that this partnership can jointly make a significant contribution to improving the quality of education by harnessing the talent, experience, and empathetic vision that they share for inclusive development, sustainable development, prosperity, and peace in the world.

Through the accord between IEP and CIRPS, international students will have the unique opportunity of combining study in Italy with regeneration of hamlets and towns and with the flavours of cities of history, science, creativity, art, and culture. All courses aim to assist in the process of glocal contribution to take maximum advantage of humankind’s huge strides in science and technology, agriculture, energy, circular and digital economy, farm to fork supply chains, and practical options towards climate sustainability.

I hope that full advantage will be taken by students internationally, including the Global South, of this unique opportunity which combines the need to address global challenges with skill development, present and future competencies, and employability to the maximum possible extent.