H.E. Hisham Badr
- The National Coordinator of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects - Egypt Government Excellence Award- Knowledge Sharing programme between Egypt/UAE.
Paul Holthus
– Founding President & CEO of the WOC (World Ocean Council), USA
Milena Angelova
- Executive Vice-President of SGI Europe - member of the European Economic and Social Committee, EU -
Prof. Josep Valls
- Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM), Spain
Dr. Vasileios Laopodis
- President of Culturepolis - Corfù, Greece
Dr. Devendra Pathak
– Prof. Emeritus MA, MBA, AMT, PGDSE, CAIIB, PhD (USA) – Fure, Foundation for research and education – Academy of Management Education
Enrico Molinaro
- Secretary General of the Italian Network for the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue (RIDE), Head of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) in Italy
Luís Roby
- CDO and Board Vice President, Portugal
Luiza Hoxhaj
- Director of CRLDS (Center for Regional and Local Development Studies), Albania
Dr. Ben Tili Larbi
- President of Megara Association of Sustainable Smart Cities - Atcogen, Tunisia
Dr. Bejczy Delinke
- Director of the Westpannon Team, Hungary
Dr. Eddie Mutebi
- Director of the Union of Community Development Volunteers (UCDV), Uganda
Prof. Luca Di Biase
– PhD in Urban and Regional Planning - São Paulo University and World Bank Expert - São Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Sladan Topuzovic
– Expert of cross-border projects in the EuroMed area and in the Adriatic & Ionian Macroregion – Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Pietrangelo Pettenò
Dr. Pietrangelo Pettenò
– Director of Marco Polo Eurasia network, expert of cooperation projects in the EuroMed area – Venice, Italy
Amin Nehme
- Founder and President of the 'Lebanese Development Network' (LDN), Lebanon
Paolo Patrizio
- Secretary General Of The International Council Of Italian- Arab Cooperation
Prof. Martin Nkafu Nkemnkia
– Philosopher and theologian, President of the NCDEIF Foundation, Rome, Italy