IEP Italy aims to make partnerships, market and sign deeds, conventions, pacts and activate any other legal transaction for the internationalisation of education at all levels; open and support educational, training and work campuses in Italy and abroad provide educational, didactic and management support online as well as in-presence both in Italy and abroad; carry out recruitment, registration and enrolment assistance for course participants in Italy and abroad; establish advanced education campuses in Italy and abroad; offer internships and apprenticeships independently or with national and international partners organise events related to training, internationalisation of work / education and culture for both national and international clients; manage courses, programmes, colleges, residences and other auxiliary infrastructures (including online) for international training and employment both nationally and internationally; develop new courses for national and international groups in the field of education with a focus on the green-blue economy; act as a representative of registered educational institutions at European, international and global levels to provide turnkey projects on the internationalisation of education, the world of work and information/digital systems; to develop and manage Bridge partnering with and on behalf of associations, institutions, trade unions and other legally recognised entities at national and international level in the field of education and work.


1. Heritage the protection and enhancement of cultural, artistic, historical, and architectural heritage – the lesson of ancient civilisations and innovations for villages, towns, and sustainable cities in the Mediterranean – the new scenarios of conscious, experiential, and sensory tourism – the Economy of Beauty

2. Environment knowledge of environmental heritage – protection of marine and river habitats – enhancement of the landscape – Smart Parks – technical and technological innovations for habitats’, such as coasts and river basins – motorways of the sea – landing places and port cities – sustainable mobility between land and sea – Green and Blue Economy and the full recognition and cognisance of the United Nations SDGs.

3. Human values the thought of man in the 21st century – the history of philosophy and contemporary visions – the transformation of values and the theme of identities – the ‘roots and wings’ of Mediterranean civilizations – the Humanistic Economy. In this regard IEP is working with several national and international partners such as: Ascame – Umar – Ride Aps – Anna Lindh Foundation – Medpan – Wista Med International – Megara Challenge – Aiccre – Assocamerestero- Assafrica – Assonautica Euromed – Mucem – Unesco, World Ocean Council.

Companies, bodies and interested organisations, embassies, research bodies, Italian and International and local public bodies, cultural associations and business networks, banking foundations, virtuous and social companies, national and international social and environmental sponsors. Key figures in our progress have been the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Labour and Tourism, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Agriculture, the Regional Government of Abruzzo, Italy.